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IOTA founder defeated, declares expulsion, shoots against German „co-founder“

IOTA founder David Sønstebø reveals the background behind his expulsion and shoots Dominik Schiener.

In a new blog entry , IOTA founder David Sønstebø spoke for the first time about his expulsion from the IOTA Foundation

At the same time, he removes all concerns about his health and state of mind, and affirms that the IOTA Foundation „is not broke“.

As Cointelegraph had previously reported , the IOTA Foundation announced the unanimous expulsion of Sønstebø on December 11th. He is one of the founders of IOTA, who has been one of the co-chairs of the associated foundation since 2017.

With his blog entry, Sønstebø now wants to explain his point of view, because he feels the IOTA press release on the separation as „poorly worded, hasty and downright unprofessional“. Accordingly, it would „leave plenty of scope for wild speculation“.

The founder clarifies that while there has been a disagreement between himself and the Foundation, he vehemently contradicts the claim that his interests „conflicted with the interests of the organization.“ He therefore describes such a representation as „grossly false, dubious and slanderous“ of his person.

Rather, the differences of opinion between him and the Foundation „prepared the ground for the subsequent drama“. According to Sønstebø, these differences of opinion include, among other things, that he had spoken out in favor of installing a managing director (CEO) in order to promote the professionalization of the organization, which was rejected by the board of the IOTA Foundation.

In addition, the Foundation would have incorporated many smaller project areas that should actually be outsourced in order to build up the independence of the IOTA ecosystem. This was followed by a dispute about the Foundation’s finances, because after the board of directors neglected this, several project areas were declared to be the foundation’s territory in order to ensure its own raison d’etre and profitability. Sønstebø strictly rejected this capture, which should ultimately have been the reason for his expulsion.

Accordingly, he states:

„There you have it: these are my ‚different interests‘.“

The IOTA founder then addressed several board members, accusing the German board member Dominik Schiener of not having been involved in the founding of IOTA. Sønstebø only brought him in a year after the foundation stones were laid for the project. For this reason he asks Schiener not to call himself a “founder” in the future.

At the end of his blog post, Sønstebø announces that he will reveal more details about his future next year. Even if he is no longer part of the lead IOTA Foundation, he nonetheless wants to continue to participate in IOTA. So he closes with the words:

„This is not the period at the end of the last sentence, but a comma.“